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What format are the DVDs?

The DVDs are formatted for North America (NTSC) only. People outside of North America may not be able to play this DVD. Please make sure your DVD player can play NTSC if you would like to purchase this DVD from outside of North America.

What kind of equipment do you need for window projection?

In order to display the animation in your window you will need a DVD player hooked up to a projector with proper connection cables. It is best to use a projector with a fairly bright bulb, 2000 lumens or more, but dimmer projectors will also work. You will also need something to project the image onto in your window. A simple solution for this is a white bed sheet or a white shower curtain pinned to the window frame on the inside of your house. Click here for an example. There are also some other tips about projectors on the Hallowindow blog.

When doing rear projection of animations with text you will have to reverse the projection so that it is readable from outside your house. The Hallowindow DVDs include reversed versions of all animations with text however some projectors can reverse the image as well.

Why doesn’t Hallowindow come in a big and fancy plastic DVD case?

I chose to package Hallowindow in a paper sleeve because it uses less material and is there for a little easier on the environment. It is also much easier and cheaper to ship.

How do I use the video files provided on the Hallowindow III DVD?

When you play the Hallowindow III DVD on your PC or MAC you’ll notice a file folder on the DVD named hallowindow_video_files (NOT AVAILABLE ON HALLOWINDOW I & II DVD). The best method I’ve found for displaying Hallowindow video files is to use iTunes®. iTunes® is a free download. First, drag the video files into your iTunes® library. The next step is to create a playlist and drag the videos you want to play into that list. Arrange them however you like and then set the playlist to loop. You might also want to make sure iTunes® is set to play video fullscreen. Reversed video files are included on the DVD so it will work with rear projection.

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