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Hallowindow I & II Bites

3 short scenes (a few second long) from the Hallowindow I & II Collection designed to be added to your videos for quick scares and accents. Remastered in HD!

Vintage Titles

3 short animations of vintage style movie titles with some badly spliced frames. Add these to the beginning of your window projected show or use for your own home movies.

Slasher Titles

2 bloody messages written violently across the screen. Comes with Black and White versions.

Product Information

DVDs are formatted for NTSC
DVDs and Downloads include reversed versions of animations containing text for readability in rear projection.

SD videos are 640 x 480. HD videos are 720p. Videos are m4v or mp4 files and are compatible most media players. iTunesĀ© is recommended.

System requirements
PC - Windows® XP or higher. MAC - OS X 10.4 or higher.

Hallowindow video sizes

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