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Sign Pack 1

Accent your haunt with 7 different lit-up signs ranging from neon to painted plywood. Each animation is 1 minute long and works great as a loop.

Halloweyes Pack 1

4 Different highly detailed eyes to give your house a personality all it's own. This pack includes a normal, infected, zombified and a cartoon eye, plus a 2 eye version. Each animation is 2 minutes and has the exact same movement so that you can mix and match.

Lightning Strikes

With this animation of continuous lightning strikes you'll always have the perfect weather for Halloween night. Beware of what hides in the shadows. 2 minutes in length.

Pirate Flag Crimson

A single themed animation depicting a tattered pirate flag waving in a dreary fog. This version is set against a blood red sky. 2 minutes in length.

Zombie Shadows

A single themed animation depicting a procession of walking dead folks. This is a great window effect! 2 minutes in length.

Green Ghosts

A single themed animation depicting ascending ghosts and wisps with a tinge of green. 2 minutes in length.

The Eye of Fire

A single themed animation depicting a blistering magma eye that will give your house a personality all it's own. 2 minutes in length.

Product Information

DVDs are formatted for NTSC
DVDs and Downloads include reversed versions of animations containing text for readability in rear projection.

SD videos are 640 x 480. HD videos are 720p. Videos are m4v or mp4 files and are compatible most media players. iTunesĀ© is recommended.

System requirements
PC - Windows® XP or higher. MAC - OS X 10.4 or higher.

Hallowindow video sizes

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